Transform The Profitability Of Your HR Consultancy In The Next 6-12 Months

Whether you own a seasoned consultancy or you are just starting out, this 8 week mastermind has been crafted to boost your profits, fast.

We teach you the exact methods we have used to achieve 600% year on year revenue growth.

Discover how to convert high value clients, realise higher fees and leave less money on the table.

Propel your profitability and enjoy the lifestyle you had hoped for when you started your consultancy. Turn your dream into reality.

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We created Propel because there was nothing that showed HR Consultants/Business Partners/Outsourced HR Directors how to price profitably, make sales and monitor performance. We filled this void with great detail.

The programme is designed for those who need support with starting or growing their business in a scalable and profitable way. It works for any HR Consultants/Business Partners/Outsourced HR Directors located anywhere in the world regardless of previous financial or sales knowledge.

In Just 8 weeks we will help you start/grow the profitability of your HR business through the implementation of proven pricing and sales strategies.

We work through The Profitable Pathway TM which is our proven methodology with materials that help you move the dial - FAST


Core Modules




Learn the pricing strategies that will enable you to maximise profitability, and how to utilise them.



Discover how to present your pricing to wow clients, cement the value you provide and obtain client buy-in.

Process Map


Build the processes required to take prospects to clients and reprice current clients using your new pricing.


Rewire your mindset, removing mindset blocks. Installing the confidence to price for profitability.


Establish the controls required to monitor and adjust your pricing to ensure you continually maximise profitability.


Discover the systems that will help you to deliver a consistent value-added approach to every client.

Key benefits from this programme


The Training

Each week we will focus on learning and implementing something new. It’ll give you all of the knowledge tools, insights, best practices, and mistakes to avoid that you need to get the biggest wins in the shortest amount of time.

On a weekly basis I’ll release pre-recorded trainings talking you through each stage step-by-step. These are complemented by the coaching calls and monthly Mastermind session.


The Coaching

As well as receiving all of the training materials each week you will have a LIVE 60-minute coaching call with me and the rest of the group members where you can ask questions, get advice, troubleshoot any challenges and get specific tailored advice to get things moving forwards for you.

Once a month you will have a LIVE 90-minute group Mastermind call where we deep dive on a subject, answer questions and brainstorm an action plan for at least one group member.

You not only get access to my expertise but also everybody else who has gone through, and is going through the program. You aren’t just a number here.


The Support

On top of the training and coaching you will gain access to the private Facebook group exclusively for Propel members.

In the group share our wins, share lessons, and reach out to others for additional support. The ability to glean insights, wisdom and experience from others doing this is invaluable.

Its all completely self-paced, so once you join, you’ll have 12 months access to the program material, support and community.

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